a. I grant my buyers the unconditional right to return any item(s) purchased, with no explanation required, within a 7 (seven) day period following delivery of the purchased item(s).

b. I will pay any refunds due within a 7 (seven) day period following the return of the item(s) in question and that the amount refunded include any taxes, shipping &handling and any other charges that have been debited but that any amount refunded not include the charge for shipping the item back from the Buyer to me unless the item was received by the Buyer damaged or the image and description on your website did not accurately represent the item received.

c. Work that has been commissioned by the buyer can be non-refundable.

d. Prints purchased through the Prints-on-demand program are non-refundable unless the print does not accurately reflect the image shown on the member website. (The prints-on-demand feature is not yet available).

e. In the event of any dispute regarding damaged items or other issues with buyers, I and the buyer may ask Artspan to mediate said dispute. If so, you agree to abide by the decision and/or recommendation(s) made by Artspan.


You agree to pay all applicable sales, use, V.A.T. or other taxes that may be due.
For U.S. residents this generally means state and local sales taxes must be paid to the tax jurisdiction that is shipped to only when that jurisdiction is the same as the one you are shipping from. That is, for sales tax(es) to be due, the "ShipTo" address (that is shippedto) will be the same as the "ShipFrom" address (that is shipped from). However, if the ShipTo and ShipFrom addresses are not the same and if tax is due, you agree to assume all responsibility for payment of that tax.